20 May

tour on the Etna volcano: the Sartorius

Each trip can turn into an adventure, it is enough that you have the opportunity. Homeholidayvillamaria, today it’s name is  B&B Villa Maria, has a privileged location as a base for exploring the Etna volcano.

There are many experiences that you can experience on Etna, for example you can walk on the effusive mouth, now extinguished by ancient craters, or you can see a plant unique in the world, it is a relic of the effects of the last glaciation, the Betula aetnensis .

le Betulle





You can learn all these things by taking a trip to the Monti Sartorius .

Sartorius Mountains Nature Trail

i monti Sartorius

Track length: approximately 4 kilometers.
Vertical drop: 100 meters.
Journey time: about 2 hours.
Difficulty: easy


The route is undemanding, but very impressive and extremely interesting.

When you leave the car follow the path laid out by woods rangers, along the path you see the betulas groves and spectacular volcanic bombs.

Looking upstream of the path you see the Etna in all its beauty and in front of her you can see Mount wheat Concazze, one of the largest avventizzi Etna cones.

The mountains Sartorius, are named by the researcher who first reported on a map the major eruptions of Etna.

The Sartorius mountains are eruptive cones that are characterized by a typical alignment told “bottoniera”.

when you reach the top of the cones you can see their internal structure, it is very similar to that of a large volcano but also on a smaller scale.

The route runs along the top of the cones, following the perimeter of the now extinguished eruptive mouths and offers a very beautiful landscape, the view sweeps 360 degrees your gaze passes from the top of Etna to the Taormina head, then you can see the Gulf of Catania and that of Syracuse.


On vacation you want to relax, so even if you came by train and you don’t feel like driving, B&B Villa Maria is able to organize this excursion with the help of specialized naturalistic guides.

The guides will pick you up at the B&B and take you back at the end of the day.

By booking early you will be sure to be able to experience this fantastic adventure.